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Activité Table concertation des ainés

Clinique dentaire Girard et LaplanteA dental clinic in the neighborhood

Finally a dental clinic will meet our needs! We had been without dentistry for more than a year when the Girard & Laplante Dental Clinic in Lac-Mégantic was interested in restoring this essential service in the village of La Patrie. Located in the premises of the CLSC in La Patrie, this private dentistry service will provide care for everyone, regardless of their place of residence. God knows that this service is necessary for our aging population and it is essential that this health service be maintained in our neighborhood.

After many requests from the authorities concerned, after the sharing of information between citizens and finally after several meetings, the opening of the dental clinic at CLSC La Patrie, is scheduled for Friday, May 17. The appointment schedule will be available soon at the Girard & Laplante Dental Clinic in Lac-Mégantic at 819-583-2288.

Again thank you for all the steps taken by all who contributed in the work to recover this service highly appreciated by users.

Without the contribution of the Girard & Laplante Dental Clinic, we would have a long way to go before this private dentistry service offered to come and settle at our CLSC La Patrie. They invested time and money to modernize the facilities.

It should be noted that this service will need to be encouraged and supported by the citizens of all the neighboring villages in order to keep it in place. The Girard & Laplante Dental Clinic invites all former patients of Dr. Bertiaud - whose records they have custody of - and all new patients, to come in large numbers. Opening hours will increase as the needs change.

Appointments will be made by telephone at the Lac-Mégantic office at 819-583-2288. You can already call to express your interest so that you are placed on a calling list when the appointment schedule opens.


Attention Saison BBQ

On préserve la Réserve (de ciel étoilé)

Communiqué On préserve la Réserve (de ciel étoilé)
On préserve la réserve (de ciel étoilé)

Cyberbullying :

Cyberbullying is defined by the fact of using
digital media or electronic devices
to post offensive messages..

   Read the communiqué  
(Sorry, in french only)

Logo Transport de personnes HSF

Transport de personnes HSF
offers a service of adapted public transport
  for the citizens of Haut-Saint-François,
in order to get about inside the territory
of the RCM and outside.

Find all the informations
on their website (in french) :
to complete this offer of service, also see the carpooling page :
plateforme de covoiturage de Transport de personnes HSF.

For more information : 819-832-2711/-1717 or
Tickets (tokens and passes) are on sale in our municipality.
Pamphlets, application forms for adapted transportation, and registration forms
for group transportation by reservation are also available at our premises.

 For the Woodlot owners

Informations au propriétaires de boisés - Canton de Hampden Informations au propriétaires de boisés - Canton de Hampden

The Township of Hampden
encourages you
to support the
Lien vers le Regroupement pour un Québec en santé

The Regroupement pour un Québec en santé (RQS) mobilizes decision-makers from all walks of life that have an impact on the lifestyles of Quebecers. Such a grouping is unrivaled in Quebec.

It aims to establish environments that are conducive to a healthy lifestyle, in response to the expectations of the Quebec population.

The RQS appeals to the government to make it possible to continue and intensify collective efforts to improve the quality of life of citizens living in Quebec.

By going to the website (by clicking the logo above), you will be able to read all the information and, whether you are an organization or an individual, we encourage you to support this grouping by registering on the list of supports.

Thank you for participating in this great initiative!

«Pavillon des loisirs» available for the citizens of Hampden

The multifunctional pavilion is now available to the citizens of Hampden
for meetings, family parties, receptions of any kind and others.
For information 
  contact the municipal office   about opening hours.

New Financial Assistance Program
For parents with children aged 18 months or younger or whose birth is expected
in the next 6 months, for the acquisition of washable and reusable diapers.

  Click here to download the document.

Bannière Maison Fin de Vie du Granit

We encourage you to get involved in «La maison de fin de vie du Granit»

We are looking for persons of all ages to form a committee for «la Maison de fin de vie du Granit».
These persons would talk to interested people about what is «la Maison de fin de vie»,
and what is the mission and operation of this very special «house».

You wish to make a donation of 25 $ to «la Maison de fin de vie du Granit»?
You can do it via the official website :

You can also contact the municipal office for more informations :
Contact Us

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