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Welcome to Canton de Hampden

The Mayor, Council members, employees and all taxpayers in our community would like to give you a warm welcome.

We are pleased to welcome into our community and we hope you'll feel in perfect harmony with the surroundings.

The surrounding villages are Scotstown, Lingwick, Bury, Newport, La Patrie, Notre-Dame-des-bois, Val-Racine and Milan.

You'll reach the U.S. border in Maine when traveling in the direction toward Lac Mégantic on Route 214 Est.  And you'll reach the New Hampshire U.S. border when traveling on Route 257 Sud, which is in the opposite direction, going towards La Patrie and Chartierville.

Canton de Hampden is located in the Cantons-de-l'Est in the MRC du Haut-Saint-François.  It rests against Mont Mégantic of which a third of the park, Le Pain de sucre and La Montagne de Franceville, is part of the territory of Hampden.  The township's population is around 217 inhabitants and though there is no agglomeration centre to speak of,  there are many residences as well as farms, chalets and expansive wooded areas.

Our territory occupies 110 square km.s and is shaped around the town of Scotstown in a horseshoe-like design.  We are located halfway between the city of Sherbrooke and the town of Lac-Mégantic about 45-50 km in each direction.

The residents of Hampden, vacationers and visitors enjoy an exceptionnal panorama with the Mont Mégantic and the Rivière-au-Saumon that roughly follows Route 257.  The municipality is also just around the corner from the Réserve écologique Samuel-Brisson (in the territory of the municipality of Val-Racine where many species of birds, wild animals and an Appalachian flora can be observed and enjoyed.

We hope that the enchanting view of our surroundings and the country fresh air will invite you to come for a visit or perhaps settle in permanently.  Talk about it with your friends and family. You may find a little piece of heaven that you can call home, right here in the beautiful  Canton de Hampden.

Have a nice visit.