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A dental clinic in the neighborhood

Finally a dental clinic meets our needs! We had been without dentistry for more than a year when the Girard & Laplante Dental Clinic in Lac-Mégantic was interested in restoring this essential service in the village of La Patrie.

Located in the premises of the CLSC in La Patrie, this private dentistry service provides care for everyone, regardless of their place of residence. God knows that this service is necessary for our aging population and it is essential that this health service be maintained in our neighborhood.

After many requests from the authorities concerned, the sharing of information between citizens, and finally after several meetings, the opening of the dental clinic at CLSC La Patrie, took place on Friday, May 17, 2019.

Thank you again for all the steps taken by all our collaborators which allowed us to recover this service very appreciated by the users.

Without the contribution of the Girard & Laplante Dental Clinic, we would still have a long way to go before this private dentistry service would come to us at CLSC La Patrie. They have invested time and money to modernize the facilities.

It should be noted that this service needs to be encouraged and supported by the citizens of all the neighbouring villages in order to keep it in place. The Girard & Laplante Dental Clinic invites all former patients of the

Dr. Bertiaud - whose records she has custody of - as well as all the new patients to come in large numbers. Hours of operation will increase as needs change.

Appointments can be made by telephone at the Lac-Mégantic office at 819-583-2288.

Press release (in french) «We preserve the Dark Sky Reserve»

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